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Greek god of the arts, archery, and divination.
Apollo disease - Synonym(s): acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis
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The Phoebus team's dish won the 2015 High School Students United with NASA to Create Hardware, or HUNCH, Culinary Challenge.
Bright Phoebus - a reference to the sun god Apollo - was an acclaimed 1972 folk album by Carthy's aunt and uncle, Lal & Mike Waterson.
Sobre ambos espacios fisicos hay puntos de vista, literalmente hablando, desde los que a menudo se narra la historia: sobre la explanada de Notre-Dame dan las ventanas de la casa de la prometida del capitan Phoebus y la celda de la eremita; sobre la explanada de la estacion Constitucion da la habitacion de la pension en que viven Jorge Malabia y su amigo Tito.
Despite a lengthy and heartfelt plea from Phoebus, Phaeton obstinately refuses to yield to his father's wisdom, leading Phoebus to acknowledge, much like Winnicott, that masochistic, self-destructive motives are at play: "My son, what you now seek is not a blessing, but punishment" (Metamorphoses, II: 98-99).
30am Basketball NBL: Cairns v Adelaide 11am Basketball South Korea: U M Phoebus v Incheon ET-L Elephants 11am Football Russia: Spartak Moscow Youth v Rostov Youth 11.
The five-date tour of their show Bright Phoebus Revisited comes to Warwick Arts Centre on October 12.
Ten events are on offer in the PS1 Ticket Sale on Sunday, ranging from performances by the RLPO (including two concerts conducted by Vasily Petrenko, and a Carl Davis Winter Wonderland event) to Live Transmission - Joy Division Reworked by the Heritage Orchestra and Scanner, the BBC Big Band, a stellar folk line-up for Bright Phoebus Revisited, Alfred Hitchcock's 1927 film thriller The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog, and An Evening with Ray Mears.
STG will work closely with DHS CBP to apply our Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) framework and best practices from our other NOC engagements, ensuring both NOC locations are staffed with mission-ready qualified personnel," said Bob Phoebus, STG SVP of Business Development and Strategic Planning.
At the risk of sounding a little elitist we must confess we don't have too much of expectation from a brand such as Fenda and while hooking it up to our ASUS RoG Xonar Phoebus sound card we we're pretty much getting ready to settle in for a ho-hum show.
She's the Deputy Head Girl of her school, The Winchester School Dubai; president of the school's Astronomy Club and Science Club, She writes for the Phoebus online magazine, a keynote speaker at the Winchester Leadership Conference, and the 2011-12 winner of the school's Principal's Award.
4) Spiritum Phoebus mihi, Phoebus artem / carminis nomenque dedit poetae: / uirginum primae puerique claris / patribus orti, / Deliae tutela deae, fugacis / lyncas et ceruos cohibentis arcu, / Lesbium seruate pedem meique / pollicis ictum, / rite Latonae puerum canentes, / rite crescentem face Noctilucam, / prosperam frugum celeremquepronos / uoluere mensis.
In a paper on "Withdrawal and expulsion from the EU and EMU - Some reflections" from December 2009, the European Central Bank legal counsel, Phoebus Athanassiou, noted that in case of leaving the EU, a country could not keep the euro, but would have to adopt its own currency.