Hiss, Philip

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Philip, U.S. bacteriologist, 1868-1913.
Hiss stain - a stain for demonstrating the capsules of microorganisms, using gentian violet or basic fuchsin followed by a copper sulphate wash.
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Built as his personal residence by the ultra-sophisticated Philip Hiss, godfather of the Sarasota School of Architecture, it sits prominently overlooking New Pass.
Weaving, who owns houses by two of the architects, has assembled a photo essay of surviving examples, which were built by architects Ralph Twitchell, Paul Rudolph, and Philip Hiss, among others.
When Robert and Julie Garvin purchased the renowned Philip Hiss Studio on Lido Shore's Westway Drive, they set out to decorate the beautifully preserved library with furnishings worthy of its classic Sarasota School of Architecture style.
Built in 1958 as part of the extraordinary wave of school construction led by the visionary Philip Hiss, Riverview was Rudolph's first major commission in Florida.
4 If one man drove the design renaissance of Sarasota in the '50s and '60s, it was Philip Hiss, whose Lido Shores development helped put the city on the map.
That commission came about, in part, due to a chance meeting between Rudolph and Shirley Hiss, who was married to influential amateur architect and Renaissance man Philip Hiss.
The Lido Shores neighborhood, developed by visionary Philip Hiss, has long been a treasure trove of Sarasota School homes and today contains about 30 examples by Paul Rudolph, Tim Seibert, Jack West and the Zimmermans.