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Sir Robert W., Scottish physician, 1857-1939. See: Philip glands.
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Philip Augustus, Henri IV, Louis Napoleon, and Charles de Gaulle receive plaudits for their contributions to the city's development, while Napoleon I receives a somewhat mixed review: praise for building the Ourcq canal and the quais along the Seine; praise for introducing the system for numbering Paris streets and censure for so many unfinished projects and monuments (the rue de Rivoli, the Palais de Chaillot, and the Arc de Triomphe).
Is he to be anathematised for rebelling against his father, Henry II, in alliance with Philip Augustus, destined to prove his bitterest and most unscrupulous opponent?
This outstanding accomplishment was facilitated by Philip's able handling and transformation of royal finances (comprehensively analyzed in John Baldwin's masterful study from 1986, The Government of Philip Augustus, which Bradbury has, in effect, complemented with a political narrative).