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city in Pennsylvania.
Philadelphia chromosome - an abnormal minute chromosome formed by a rearrangement of chromosomes 9 and 22.
Philadelphia cocktail - Synonym(s): Rivers cocktail
Philadelphia collar - head and neck orthosis.
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If the spatial confines of defensive localism in South Philadelphia fostered a strong sense of identity and community, as Stanger-Ross suggests, his comparison to Toronto suggests that South Philadelphians identified less strongly as Italians when they left their neighbourhood.
To identify the controls, trained phone canvassers called random Philadelphians soon after a reported shooting, and asked about their possession of a gun at the time of the shooting.
By contrast, Philadelphians fell in love with the Athletics, led by the affable Connie Mack.
It's a great reason to get out of bed in the morning," says Dann, after spending three hours in the sweltering summer sun asking Philadelphians to fire Santorum this fall.
He was quick to point out that he also directed Flynn in The Adventures of Don Juan, Paul Newman in The Young Philadelphians, Bogart in All Through the Night, Richard Burton in The Ice Palace and Ronald Reagan in The Hasty Heart.
The Philadelphians were reminded to hold on to God's tasks for if they were to let them go then others would claim their rewards.
If you develop a cheesesteak addiction, you're in luck: "A Taste of Philadelphia" delivers fresh cheesesteaks nationwide, Homesick Philadelphians and other fans of local flavor can order cheesesteaks, hoagies, soft pretzels, Tastycakes and more, shipped fresh overnight to your home or Office, Call 1-800-8-HOAGIE or e-mail tastephila@aol.
The PHI Portal continues to be an evolving entity striving to provide a user-friendly interface for Philadelphians to access health information.
On their sixth album, the Philadelphians hold a distorted mirror to wispy folk and progressive rock.
Now that we know a small proportion of Philadelphians condone insurance company deception, how about a study with a national sample?
Now that we know a small proportion of Philadelphians condones insurance company deception, how about a study with a national sample?