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city in Pennsylvania.
Philadelphia chromosome - an abnormal minute chromosome formed by a rearrangement of chromosomes 9 and 22.
Philadelphia cocktail - Synonym(s): Rivers cocktail
Philadelphia collar - head and neck orthosis.
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James Sheehan of Cushman & Wakefield negotiated on behalf of the seller, Philadelphia Design and Distribution Center L.
An interconnecting series of wireless transmitters mounted on lamp posts will allow for an access point to spread throughout a mesh environment, essentially ensuring that the digital divide across various socioeconomic neighborhoods in Philadelphia continues to shrink Neff wholeheartedly believes that building the city's wireless infrastructure will be no different than building a road.
In 1983 The College developed Pennsylvania's first coordinated effort to share the resources of health science libraries with public libraries and other agencies through the Consumer Health Information Network (CHINET), a consortium of public libraries, medical libraries, health libraries, health agencies, health care professionals, and consumers in Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties.
During this time Philadelphia was considered a haven for many African-Americans.
Philadelphia is securely stitched into the fabric of American history.
Philadelphia forward Tyrone Hill said his team's fans are the blue- collar type, but that doesn't hinder their voracity in rooting their team on.
Given their pursuit of an overtly masculine arena of patriotism and political activism, white colonizationists in Philadelphia experienced a resurgence of local activism with the formation of a Young Men's Colonization Society in 1834.
In the area of culture, three grants were awarded through the Philadelphia Operating Support Program (POSP), a special grants program initiated by the Trusts to help strengthen the organizational capacity of local cultural institutions.
The previous twenty-five years in Philadelphia had seen a considerable deterioration of the political and economic position of Blacks: They had been completely disenfranchised by the Pennsylvania constitution in 1838, so that they could no longer vote, and by the 1850s they had lost their predominance in many semi-skilled and unskilled occupations to the Irish.
Phillips can recognize almost every new tree there as one that Philadelphia Green planted.
Statistics clearly show that the more people who come to Philadelphia as part of a meeting or convention, the more money that is produced for the local economy through attendee spending, which then generates local and state taxes and jobs.
21 Juniper Street at City Hall Philadelphia, PA 19107

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