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The 21st letter of the Greek alphabet, phi. Symbol for phenyl; symbol for quantum yield (π).

phi (φ, Φ),

1. The 21st letter of the Greek alphabet.
2. (Φ) Symbol for phenyl; potential energy; magnetic flux.
3. (φ) Symbol for plane angle; volume fraction; quantum yield; the dihedral angle of rotation about the N-Cα bond associated with a peptide bond.
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Abbreviation for:
passive haemagglutination inhibition
personal health information
phagocytosis index
phosphate isomerase
primary HIV infection
primary hyperoxaluria
private health insurance
Professionalising Health Informatics, see there  
protected health information
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Abbreviation for phenyl;


Abbreviation for protected health information.


(φ, Φ) ()
1. The 21st letter of the Greek alphabet (φ).
2. Phenyl; potential energy; magnetic flux (Φ).
3. Plane angle; volume fraction; quantum yield; the dihedral angle of rotation about the N-Cα bond associated with a peptide bond (φ).
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