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 [fen´il, fe´nil]
the monovalent radical, C6H5- derived from benzene by removal of hydrogen. adj., adj phenyl´ic.

phen·yl (Ph, Φ),

The univalent moiety, C6H5-, of benzene.


(Ph, Φ) (fen'il)
The univalent radical, C6H5-, of benzene.
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The m/z 120 gave an idea about the presence of methoxyl phenyl group and the other fragment obtained by this partial disintegration resulted in the occurrence of a peak at 201 m/z due to N2C15H11 fragment.
Compared with PAD, the characteristic resonance peaks of PADA observed at [delta] = 4.55 ppm (f) and [delta] = 7.54 ppm (g) were assigned to protons in the -C[H.sub.2]- group connected to the phenyl group and protons of the phenyl group in AODBAC, respectively [21].
Since the DPPS has more phenyl groups at the side of Si atoms compared with PMPS and PPS, carrier transport after the carrier separation might be facilitated by [pi]-electrons on the phenyl groups, which affected the increase of IPCE in the range of 400~750 nm and the [J.sub.SC] values.
Comparison of A1 and A2 indicates that the introduction of the pendant phenyl group has increased the void size.
From the representative structures of RXR protein complex with sulfanilic acid after MD simulation displayed in Figure 9(b), it is illustrated that the group of sulfonyl hydroxide of sulfanilic acid maintains the H-bonds with key residues Arg316 and Ala327 and the phenyl group next to sulfonyl hydroxide keeps the [pi] interaction with residue Phe313.
However, in diphenyltin(IV), the phenyl group is having a higher electron accepting property, which will increase the acidity of the coordinated water molecule.
Also the presence of heavier phenyl group or nitro reduced the activity of chalcones.
The phenyl group has a high refractive index, which imparts a higher gloss value.
The film comprises a thermoplastic resin with a substituted or non-substituted imide group at a side chain of the resin and a thermoplastic resin with a substituted or non-substituted phenyl group and a nitrile group at a side chain of the resin.
Each of the products of digestion of these synthetic substrates is paired with an internal standard of identical chemical structure but that differs in mass by containing either a longer aliphatic chain or a per-deuterated phenyl group. Li et al.
To examine what role the chlorines at positions 3 and 5 may have on the offset of the phenyl group nearest the active site, E2[Br.sub.2] was soaked into the crystal.