phenotypic variance

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phenotypic variance

the amount of variation in a phenotypic trait amongst individuals in a population.


one of the measures of the dispersion of data; the mean squared deviation of a set of values from the mean.

additive genetic variance
that portion of phenotypic variance which is due to the additive effect of genes (VA).
analysis of variance
a statistical method for comparing values, expressed in terms of means or variance, of one or more variables in several subgroups of a population. Called also anova.
non-additive genetic variance
that portion of phenotypic variance which is due to epistatic interactions (VI) and dominance deviations (VD).
non-genetic variance
that portion of phenotypic variance which is due to non-genetic effects such as environment (VE).
phenotypic variance
a measure of the extent to which individuals vary in their phenotype (VP). VP = VA + VD + VI + VE.
variance ratio distribution
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For the others, the genetic variance is more than 85% of the phenotypic variance, indicating high genetic variability and experimental efficiency with environmentally correct control, confirming the effective planning and definition of study characteristics, such as size of the parcel and number of repetitions.
The number of QTLs detected for each trait, including the chromosome number, proportion of phenotypic variance explained by QTLs and total additive-by-additive interaction effect, is summarized in Table 2.
For PY, the additive genetic variances showed the same trend as the phenotypic variances, with the observation of higher values at the end of lactation.
b] = Phenotypic variance, PCV = Phenotypic coefficient of variance, GCV = Genotypic coefficient of variance, GA = Genetic advance Table 2: Performance of ten hybrids for six quantitative characters in sweet gourd Hybrids Nodes of Female Nodes of first flowers first female per plant fruit flower (no) setting (no) (no) OP 10 x OP 02 17.
The variance components were expressed as proportions of the phenotypic variance and are summarized in Table 6.
Relationships between the covariance of full and half-sibs and causal components of phenotypic variance.
The percentage of the total phenotypic variance accounted for by the QTL, that is, broad-sense heritability at the single genetic locus level ([Mathematical Expression Omitted]), and its standard deviation were estimated following the procedures for estimating broad-sense heritability on the clonal mean basis (Wu and Stettler 1997).
They reported goodness of fit for the full model and attributed 50% of the phenotypic variance due to additive genetic effects.
The similar result was reported by Guo et al [3] about increasing of the phenotypic variance of total 305- day milk yield from lactation one to seven.
Estimates of individual heritability in the narrow sense were obtained by dividing additive genetic variance by phenotypic variance, of which the results are interpreted as heritability of high magnitude ([h.