phenol red

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phe·nol·sul·fon·phthal·e·in (PSP),

(fē'nol-sŭl'fōn-thal'ē-in, -thal'ēn),
An indicator in tissue culture media (yellow at pH 6.8, red at pH 8.4); occurs as a bright to dark red crystalline powder; in the past given by parenteral injection as a test for renal function.
Synonym(s): phenol red

phenol red

A red, water-soluble dye, C19H14O5S, used as an acid-base indicator and in medicine to test kidney function.


1. C6H5OH; a crystalline, colorless or light pink solid, melting at 43°C, obtained from the distillation of coal tar. It has a characteristic odor and is dangerous because of its rapid corrosive action on tissues. Synonym: carbolic acid
2. Any of the aromatic derivatives of benzene with one or more hydroxyl groups attached.

phenol poisoning

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phenol red



A primary color of the spectrum that, when added to blue, forms purple, and when added to yellow, forms orange.

Congo red

An odorless red-brown powder used in testing for amyloid. In polarized light, amyloid treated with Congo red produces a green fluorescence.

cresol red

An indicator of pH. It is yellow below pH 7.4 and red above 9.0.

methyl red

An indicator of pH. It is red at pH 4.4 and yellow at 6.2.
CAS # 493-52-7

phenol red


scarlet red

A red azo dye used to stimulate healing of indolent ulcers, burns, wounds, and so on; in histology, used as a stain. Synonym: rubrum scarlatinum

vital red

A stain used in preparing tissues for microscopic examination.


1. an extremely poisonous compound obtained by distillation of coal tar or produced synthetically; used as a disinfectant and used extensively as a wood preservative. Called also carbolic acid.
2. any organic compound containing one or more hydroxyl groups attached to an aromatic or carbon ring.

phenol coefficient
a measure of the bactericidal activity of a chemical compound in relation to phenol. The activity of the compound is expressed as the ratio of dilution in which it kills in 10 minutes under specified conditions. It can be determined in the absence of organic matter, or in the presence of a standard amount of added organic matter.
phenol Folin-Ciocalteau
a sensitive, colorimetric method for estimating the protein content of cerebrospinal fluid.
plant phenol
includes gossypol, tannins.
phenol poisoning
animals can be exposed to phenol by skin contact with floors and housing which have been treated with the disinfectant, or other phenol-rich substance such as lignite pitch, or by nibbling at wood treated with it. Causes local tissue necrosis and hepatic injury. Cats are particularly susceptible.
phenol red