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(fĭ-nō′lĭk, -nŏl′ĭk)
Of, relating to, containing, or derived from phenol.
Any of various synthetic thermosetting resins, obtained by the reaction of phenols with simple aldehydes and used as adhesives.
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Results indicate that the traditional assay does not assess all phenolics present during tests and inadvertently measures other compounds besides phenolics.
boninense was inhibited as the concentration of phenolics acids (syringic acid, caffeic acid and 4-hydroxybenzoic acid) increased.
Wallace Beltsville [Maryland] Agricultural Research Center (BARC) further explored assessing total phenolics using Fast Blue BB.
A large number or these antimicrobials are phenolic compounds derived from essential oils of various plants.
Phenolics and secondary grain processing: The antioxidant capacities of whole grain products, their role in disease prevention and levels to be consumed remain subjects of intense interest.
Those with the most antioxidants contained fruit with high phenolics levels, such as Yarlington Mill, Medaille D'Or and Ashton Bitter apples.
Cyanox 1790 high-performance phenolic is said to offer excellent activity at one-half to one-third typical loadings as other hindered phenolics.
Factors affecting phenolic concentration are thought to include the age of the fruit, light exposure, growing region and storage conditions.
We know that apples are high in phenolics and our research shows that cider apples have a higher phenolic content than dessert apples.
The researchers then further enriched the wine with phenolics to achieve what Teissedre describes as pharmacological doses.
Outside the construction sector, phenolics are used primarily in household products (e.
While color availability with phenolics is limited to black or brown, Plenco marketing manager Stuart Brotz points out that the need for custom- matched thermoset formulations has expanded greatly.