Dallas B., American surgeon, 1882-1951.
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Retired piano professor William Phemister drew a keyboard in permanent marker.
Replacing the necrotic bone of the femoral head with cancellous or cortical bone grafting via a window (light bulb technique) at the femoral neck base or decompression tracts (Phemister technique) aims to achieve necrotic area decompression and provide strong structural support for lesion healing and subchondral bone rebuilding.
On direct radiographs, the triad of Phemister is seen, comprising osteoporosis around the joint, peripheral bone erosions, and narrowing of the joint space (8).
As is well known, the tenacity of such handicaps, and the critical analysis of social and cultural values and standards as they impact conceptions of disability, are issues that social scientists and rehabilitation scholars have been investigating for many years (see Asch, 1984; Charmaz, 1995; Dembo, Leviton, & Wright, 1956; Hershenson, 1992; Linkowski & Dunn, 1974; Lutz & Bowers, 2007; Peele & Brodsky, 1991; Phemister, 2001; Phemister & Crewe, 2007; Pinel & Bosson, 2013; Vash, 1981; Wright, 1983; among many others).
RN 668912 Revoked Perkins, Christiane RN 806660 Revoked Peveler, Lori Renee LVN 193971 Suspend/Probate Phemister, Tara Victoria LVN 304637 Warning with Stipulations Phillips, Sheila S.
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This implied ease of use for women, who may have expressed hesitations about its technological requirements, also reinforced dominant gendered stereotypes but equalized the use of the camera for women and men (Oudshoorn, Saetman, and Lie, 2002; Pedersen and Phemister, 1985).
Edited by Pauline Phemister. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008.
Sitting in her wheelchair, Katie Phemister Kirkham craned her neck to look up at the horse.
The non-operative group had 43 patients treated with a sling and swathe, while the 41 patients in the operative group were treated with a modified Phemister procedure.