phase transition

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phase transition,

n the response of a system to a disturbance resulting in novel, emergent properties of order and organization.
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On the other hand, newer sources (not only the referenced one) claim that only a single phase transition exists: from the cubic to the tetragonal phase at -168 [degrees]C (not -163 [degrees]C) [13].
Phase transitions in nuclei can be tested by calculating the energy ratios
Due to this reason "the ethnic group which is in unstable states of phase transitions is very vulnerable and may easily become a victim of a more passionate neighbor" [8].
The existence of a strongly interdisciplinary community devoted to nonlinear thermoelastic theories for twinning and phase transitions in crystalline materials prompted the authors to organize this survey of the subject.
In recent times, rheological techniques have been proposed as an alternative method to characterize the microstructural changes taking place during the phase transition stages of thermoplastic polymers.
These phase transitions are comparable to the movement of water among its three phases: liquid, solid or ice, and gas or steam.
Sawatari, Phase transition in computer network traffic model, Phys.
Let us first acquaint ourselves with the theory of phase transitions in classical physics, and in particular in the context of classical field theory.
Chapters cover fundamentals of MRI, measurement of food structure and component functionality, moisture and lipid distributions, phase transitions.