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For phase IV trials completed after today, Forest will post summaries of the results within a year of study completion.
Use detailed case studies to understand the influence of phase IV trials upon lifecycle management, indication expansion and reimbursement
Evaluate the operational objectives and trial management/outsourcing trends for phase IV trials across key industry sectors
Phase IV trials (Post Marketing Surveillance Trials) allow pharma to monitor the wider use of a new medicine with both patients and doctors after the medicine has received its license.
Williams was responsible for the design of non-clinical and clinical studies for products in the discovery stage through Phase IV trials.
com/reports/c61286) has announced the addition of "Innovations and Trends in Clinical Trials - Microdosing (Phase 0 Trials), Adaptive Trials, Phase IV Trials and the Role of Information Technology" to their offering.
While Launch claims the most marketing funds, Phase IV trials represents the greatest decrease in marketing spend.
The data management unit in China is tailored for local Chinese registration trials and the data management unit in the Philippines will focus on high-volume, cost-effective data entry projects for Phase IV trials required by the Philippines Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) regulatory authorities.
From Phase I through to Phase IV trials, Afferenz's software and services are helping a global client roster that ranges from small biotechnology and medical device companies to industry-leading pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations (CROs).
The TrialMaster thin client solution is especially attractive for the Phase IV trials we expect to run.
We were impressed with InForm's global deployment capabilities, its proven ability to scale from Phase I trials to Phase IV trials, and its breadth of functionality.