pharyngeal branches

pha·ryn·ge·al branch·es

branches to the pharynx. Terminologia Anatomica lists pharyngeal branches of the following: 1) artery of the pterygoid canal (ramus pharyngeus arteriae canalis pterygoidei [TA]); 2) ascending pharyngeal artery (rami pharyngeales arteriae pharyngeae ascendentis [TA]); 3) descending palatine artery (ramus pharyngeus arteriae palatinae descendentis [TA]); 4) glossopharyngeal nerve (CN IX) (ramus pharyngei nervi glossopharyngei [TA]); 5) inferior thyroid laryngeal nerve (rami pharyngeales arteriae thyroideae inferioris [TA]); 6) recurrent laryngeal nerve (rami pharyngei nervi laryngei recurrentis [TA]); and 7) vagus nerve (CN X) (rami pharyngei nervi vagi [TA]).
Synonym(s): rami pharyngei [TA], rami pharyngeales ☆ , pharyngei
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Communicating branch to the pharyngeal branches of the vague and glossopharyngeal nerves: In 30 % of the cases, two long braches originated from the caudomedial margin of the central part of the CCG, at its caudal margin and turned laterally to communicate with the pharyngeal branch of the vagus and glossopharyngeal nerves (Fig.