A scientist who creates pharmaceutical products by incorporating modified DNA into the cells of a plant or animal, which is termed pharming
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From the Departments of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (Drs Matrai, D'Alfonso, and Shin), Breast Surgery (Drs Pharmer and Simmons), and Radiology-Division of Women's Imaging (Dr Drotman), Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, New York.
Opening a pharmer's e-mail message is all it takes to install some of these stealth programs.
Ultimately, the goal of HSI is to integrate considerations of human capabilities and limitations into the design decision-making process, similar to what is done for hardware and software--integration of HSI analysis into the acquisition and systems engineering process is the key to achieving this goal (Pharmer, 2007).
Whereas Bohan and Pharmer (1999) considered that imagery was more beneficial during the early stages of development of a motor skill, as well as, mental imagery is simply not relaxation or a cure for poor skill, rather, it is an active process that heightens one's levels of concentration, focus, arousal regulation, and attempts to eliminate maladaptive cognitions and behavior.
De hecho, tanto Webber y Donahue (2001), como otros autores (Bowers, Pharmer & Salas, 2000), reconocen la escasez de investigaciones que hayan analizado estas relaciones, lo que sugiere la existencia de un terreno fertil por explorar.
"We obviously had to put the safety of the guests and staff at the hotel first and called in a chemical expert from Dudley-based Shasun Pharmer, who checked the chlorine level before anyone was allowed back in."
"A skilful pharmer will take advantage of unpatched and vulnerable software using worms and viruses to compromise internet DNS servers or host files on personal computers to transparently redirect consumers to illegitimate websites to their harvest personal financial information.
The five are the only occupants of the cemetery, and they include Randolph Jr., Tolbert, and Pharmer McCoy--the three "McCoy boys" killed by Hatfields in the notorious pawpaw-patch execution of 1882.
Pharmer:Combining the roles of the pharmacist and the farmer, they will grow crops and raise livestock which have been genetically engineered to contain medicines.
The arrival of the pharmer will combine the jobs of pharmacist and farmer, by growing crops and raising livestock which have been genetically engineered to contain medicines.
We are also indebted to James Pharmer and Dana Milanovich for their assistance in rating performance tapes.