pharmacy technician

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phar·ma·cy tech·ni·ci·an

(fahr'mă-sē tek-nish'ŭn)
A medical professional working as an assistant to, and under the supervision of, a registered pharmacist.

pharmacy technician

A technician who assists the pharmacist in certain activities such as medication profile reviews for drug incompatibilities, typing of prescription labels, prescription packaging, handling of purchase records, and inventory control, and may, where state law and hospital policy permit, dispense drugs to patients under the supervision of a registered pharmacist.
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And Yost, a Rite Aid pharmacy technician for 33 years, was nominated by Daniel Dodd for her work at the Rite Aid located on Welsh Road in Philadelphia --specifically for her dedication to helping elderly customers stay adherent to their medications.
TRAINEE pharmacy technicians are set to be given the chance to train across three pharmacy settings - hospital, community pharmacy and primary care - for the first time.
The CVS Mock Pharmacy, located on the Goodwill Industries campus inBaltimore, is a component ofBCCC's and Goodwill's workforce training initiative for certified pharmacy technicians and retail sales associates.
Career Step's Pharmacy Technician (ASHP/ACPE) program includes videos, interactive games and simulations, so students have the benefit of experiencing real-life situations during their training.
The meeting was informed that PCP is the regulatory body established under Pharmacy Act 1967 to regulate pharmacy practice and education by Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians.
Successful graduates have the chance to interview with CVS Pharmacy for an available position as a pharmacy technician or can pursue other opportunities in hospitals, home infusion pharmacies, community pharmacies or other healthcare settings.
Indeed, prescribing physicians who trust the pharmacist's work also tend to accept the recommendations of a pharmacy technician due to the understanding that both health professionals are part of the pharmacy staff (5).
The Bi-Mart pharmacy technician responded that they had already filled the same fake prescription for another man, the affidavit said.
Columbia Valley Community Health (CVCH) recently promoted four staff members, including Leticia Bahena, pharmacy technician; Sara Deason, clinic manager of Riverside Health Center; Megan Kappler, clinical supervisor of behavioral health; and Lindsey Manning, nursing supervisor.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 29, 2016-The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board names new director of Strategic Alliances
M2 PHARMA-January 29, 2016-The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board names new director of Strategic Alliances
Maureen Sparks, pharmacy technician instructor, who was named Outstanding Pharmacy Technician of the Year by the Washington State Pharmacy Association.

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