pharmacy technician

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phar·ma·cy tech·ni·ci·an

(fahr'mă-sē tek-nish'ŭn)
A medical professional working as an assistant to, and under the supervision of, a registered pharmacist.

pharmacy technician

A technician who assists the pharmacist in certain activities such as medication profile reviews for drug incompatibilities, typing of prescription labels, prescription packaging, handling of purchase records, and inventory control, and may, where state law and hospital policy permit, dispense drugs to patients under the supervision of a registered pharmacist.
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation: Opt-pharmacists & pharmacy tech letter
Jackson's office closed, Vanessa went to work for Metzger Drug and eventually Walmart as a Pharmacy Tech. The couple's son, Andrew, got his passion for medicine hanging out at Metzger Drug and is currently a Pharmacist at St.
She was appointed to serve as co-chair of the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy Tech Committee in 2012 and the National Community Pharmacist Association Compounding Committee from 2011-2014.
Cooley's decision-making process, she considered graduate school, getting additional training in her first field, and a number of other industries before honing in on pharmacy tech. She knew she wanted something that didn't tie her to a desk and would be in need of workers so her employment options would be expanded, not limited.
As a health care specialist and pharmacy tech, Sea had served in Oklahoma, Texas and Camp Casey in South Korea, and received two achievement medals during her service.
"The pharmacy tech made numerous spelling errors on the drugs," he said.
While collecting his organ anti-rejection drugs in Cooney's pharmacy, property maintenance man Phelim got to know pharmacy tech Tracey.
"The team documented a 19 percent reduction in pharmacists' hours, an 11 percent reduction in pharmacy tech hours, and a 90 percent reduction of drugs that had to be picked and processed by hand," Albert says.
He was employed part-time as a pharmacy tech at Nashoba Valley Regional Hospital, Ayer.
Employs 1 physician MD and 1 pharmacy tech. Excellent investment for any M.D.
I was a prior pharmacy tech on the support side of the Air Force and when I joined the TACP community, I noticed the big difference between operational and support.
The pharmacy tech I spoke to was aware of the change but wasn't interested in talking about returning to the original medication.

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