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Science dealing with the description and analysis of the costs of drug therapy to health care systems and society.
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This is the first study we know of that thoroughly examines the payment times for Medicare Part D prescription claims data," says Kristen Richards, a research associate at the university's Austin Center for Pharmacoeconomics Studies.
The National Centre for Pharmacoeconomics said the test should not be made available to public patients and blamed the high price of the test.
UCSD will become synonymous with breakthroughs in pharmacology and pharmacoeconomics," claims chancellor Marye Anne Foxe.
Studying the cost-effectiveness of drugs, or pharmacoeconomics, may be the issue that unites pharmacists, drug company executives and health care providers in the debate over health care reform.
On the basis of these findings we concluded that the implementation of a restricted formulary does not save money when the total impact on the Medicaid system is considered," they note in PharmacoEconomics, an Australian publication dealing with economic issues related to the pharmaceutical industry.
The project was supervised by CPH associate professor of Clinical Pharmacy and Practice Dr Ahmed Awaisu and co-supervised by CPH associate professor of Pharmacoeconomics Dr Daoud al-Badriyeh, CPH assistant professor of Clinical Pharmacy Dr Hazem Elewa and Abb Vie Inc principal scientist of Pharmacometrics Dr Ahmed Nader.