pharmaceutical chemistry

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phar·ma·ceu·ti·cal chem·is·try

medicinal chemistry in its application to the analysis, development, preparation, and the manufacture of drugs.

pharmaceutical chemistry (Pharm Chem)

the science dealing with the composition and preparation of chemical compounds used in medical diagnoses and therapies.

pharmaceutical chemistry

The chemistry of medicines, their composition, synthesis, analysis, storage, and actions.
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Full Professor and Director of the Graduate Program, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia.
The ceremony in December also celebrated the establishment of the Gerald Heller chair in pharmaceutical chemistry at the university.
Mary Ann Leeper, a specialist in pharmaceutical chemistry, and her associates, the device is reported to be 25 percent less likely to leak than the current rubber latex condoms worn by males.
Anthony Hunt, a blood-substitute researcher and professor of pharmaceutical chemistry at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF).
Tenders are invited for Pharmaceutical Chemistry Equipments for Laboratory Furnitureto be taken under SC-ST Grants at KSWU Vijayapur.
Phil only), Zoology, Education, Special Education, Teacher Education, Quran and Sunnah, Usooluddin, Islamic Learning, Pharmacognocy, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Public Administration, Business Administration, Commerce, School of Law (PhD only).
She received two Masters of Science degrees from Universite de Lille France; one in pharmaceutical chemistry and the second in polymer chemistry.
Moreover, the Academic Council has also approved revised courses in curriculum of various existing academic programmes including MPhil Environmental Sciences, BSc (Hons) Biotechnology, BSc (Hons) Microbiology, MPhil Applied Physics, BSc (Hons) Physics, BA (Hons) Punjabi and MS Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
Mnjoyan Institute of Fine Organic Chemistry of Scientific Technological Center of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
The Pharmaceutical Chemistry department has been able to transfer to facilities within ILS's parent company's laboratories on the same site and these will shortly be inspected by the MHRA.
Odink, who has over 18 years of global pharmaceutical chemistry and product development experience, most recently was senior vice president of Pharmaceutical Research and Development of the company, a position she held since joining Anthera in 2005.
of California, San Diego) and Bradshaw (chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry, U.

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