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Our extensive work with airports, airlines and mass transit systems in SE Asia will allow us to create long term revenue streams across an integrated media offering for PAL," said Prem Bhatia, managing director for Asia at PHAR. "We are optimistic about making a significant revenue contribution to the PAL bottom line, while helping brands connect with travel audiences," he said.
According to PHAR Partnerships, VGI was chosen because of its outstanding sales achievement and leading position - in terms of market share - in the mass transit and modern trade segments of the Thai advertising market, which prompted the airline to expect a satisfactory jump in advertising revenue as a result of the deal.
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Totesport: 9-4 Marcel, 3-1 Wild Passion, 6-1 Made In Montot, 13-2 Astronomic, 7-1 It's Just Harry, 10-1 Chilling Place, 12-1 Phar Bleu, My Way De Solzen, 33-1 New Entic.
PHAR Partnerships is an international media and marketing agency with specialist expertise in Transport and Infrastructure and Digital Media.
"PHAR's approach ties into our vision and their experience dealing with major transit operations in Asia and beyond, coupled with their willingness to invest in the improvement of the line, makes them our ideal long-term partner," remarked LRMC president and CEO Jesus P.
Results of the analysis appear to show that Phar Lap may well have ingested a single large dose of arsenic between one and two days before he died.
Form study and racehorse handicapping is all about trying to separate the wheat from the chaff, and the race in which Phar Out Phavorite finished third on his Newbury chasing debut certainly fits into the former category.
In the Phar Mor case, several members of top management confessed to, and were convicted of, financial statement fraud.
AS ARKLE towers over the ranks of British and Irish steeplechasers past, present and future, so Phar Lap bestrides the Australasian racing scene like a bright chestnut colossus.
As far as I am concerned Phar Lap is still the best racing movie ever.