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Richard F.J., German physician, 1858-1945. See: Pfeifferella, Pfeiffer phenomenon, Pfeiffer syndrome.
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When Madam Pfeiffer, in her adventurous travels round the world, from east to west, had got so near home as Asiatic Russia, she says that she felt the necessity of wearing other than a travelling dress, when she went to meet the authorities, for she "was now in a civilized country, where .
The first time actress Michelle Pfeiffer heard Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' song 'Uptown Funk,' she didn't know how to feel about being immortalized in song.
IANS Michelle Pfeiffer says she cried when she first met iconic star Judi Dench on the set of Murder on the Orient Express.
Summary: London [UK], November 3 (ANI): American actor Michelle Pfeiffer was in tears when she first met veteran Hollywood star Judi Dench.
Bennett College, a historically Black college, has joined the Pfeiffer University Partnership Program, which provides a 20 percent tuition discount on undergraduate degree completion and graduate programs for Bennett alumnae, faculty and staff who attend Pfeiffer.
Pfeiffer to deliver a complete coal grinding plant on a turnkey basis to its cement operation in Assuit, Egypt.
After not having appeared in a movie since 2013's "The Family," some movie fans may have thought Michelle Pfeiffer retired from acting.
Pfeiffer Vacuum's Duo 11 ATEX, a magnetically coupled rotary vane pump, was designed for processes taking place in potentially explosive atmospheres or conveying explosive gases and vapors.
JUNCTION CITY - Danuta Pfeiffer gestures with her arms across a patio table on the porch of her Tuscan-style home at Pfeiffer Vineyards on an unseasonably sunny February day.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 10, 2014-Solazyme elects Gary Pfeiffer to board
Thomas Pfeiffer went to extraordinary lengths to get his hands on the innocent 11-year old and receives a three-year suspended sentence.