Hermann Johann, German gynecologist, 1862-1909. See: Pfannenstiel incision.
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On examination, the patient has focal left lower-quadrant pain lateral to the left apex of her Pfannenstiel incision.
A short suprapubic Pfannenstiel incision was performed, followed by a transvesical approach under cystoscopic control.
In general, a Pfannenstiel skin incision was made and carried down through layers to open the abdominal cavity.
We've played against Bayern and Borussia Dortmund and now to go to Anfield, it is something new for our players," Hoffenheim's head of international relations and scouting, Lutz Pfannenstiel told BBC Radio 5.
A nodule painful to palpation was found in the medial part of previous Pfannenstiel incision.
All women received prophylactic antibiotics, abdomen was opened with Pfannenstiel incision.
The six patients with previous Pfannenstiel incisions had an uncomplicated entry through an umbilical incision.
The mass was laparoscopically dissected off the bladder, and removed through a 5cm Pfannenstiel incision.
A 25-year-old woman referred to our department with infected discharge at her previous Pfannenstiel incision.
Laparotomy with a Pfannenstiel incision was performed under general anesthesia.
The posterior column of the acetabulum was addressed via a Kocher Langenbeck approach [7] and the anterior column was addressed with a Pfannenstiel incision and a modified-Stoppa approach [8].