Jean J., French surgeon, 1843-1918. See: Peyrot thorax.
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After analyzing for stress those who have medium susceptibility were with poor glycemic control and similar finding was also resembled in a study conducted by Peyrot and McMurry [17] tested the hypothesis that chronic psychological stress is associated with worse glycemic control and conclude that chronic psychological stress is associated with worse glycemic control among those who do not cope effectively with stress.
With this in mind, we did note interesting gender differences that may support earlier research conducted by authors such as Rubin and Peyrot, [1] who reported that HRQOL is better among diabetic men than among diabetic women.
These self-care behaviours may involve daily treatment, dietary restrictions and monitoring, regular exercise, frequent blood glucose monitoring and recording, insulin injections, regularity in eating and sleeping to match the peaks and action of the injected insulin, and having a source of sugar readily available for episodes of hypoglycemia (Abrahim and Larsson-Mauleon, 2010; Peyrot et al.
La diferencia en la prevalencia de depresion encontrada en este estudio con respecto a otras investigaciones con criterios de inclusion y exclusion similares, se podria explicar por la diferencia en el numero de sujetos estudiados (100); Peyrot Marck y Rubin RR (25) estudiaron una poblacion de 578 pacientes con una prevalencia de depresion de 41.
5) The cross-national Diabetes Attitudes, Wishes and Needs (DAWN) study, conducted by Peyrot et al.
Edited and introduced by Georges-Jean Pinault and Michael Peyrot.
Alli, Peyrot detalla los rasgos fundamentales de las poeticas decadentes y simbolistas, citando y analizando a sus principales figuras, desde el precursor Baudelaire hasta Verlaine, Mallarme, Moreas, Huysmans o incluso Rimbaud, de quien transcribe el soneto "Voyelles".
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The DRCS has been used by both Miller and Drotar (2003) and Rubin, Young-Hyman, and Peyrot (1989) and found to significantly correlate to the Conflict subscale of the Family Environment Scale (Rubin et al.