Jean J., French surgeon, 1843-1918. See: Peyrot thorax.
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Non-adherence status in our patients was much higher (74%) than reported by Peyrot et al (33%)12.
The global attitudes of patients and physicians in insulin therapy (GAPP) study by Peyrot et al.
Evidence suggests that traditional approaches to glycemic management that focus solely on blood glucose targets are insufficient at reducing rates of hypoglycemia (Goodall & Halford, 1991; Peyrot et al., 2005).
Indian patients also showed a significantly higher perception of burden of social and personal distress associated with diabetes (Peyrot et al., 2005).
Olivier Peyrot | Beauty Care Sales & Marketing Director Paul Ching | Technical Manager- CTSC North America Joseph Pasapane | Regulatory & Quality Manager
The Diabetes Attitudes Wishes and Needs (DAWN) study found 46% of patients with type 1 diabetes and 39% of patients with type 2 diabetes reported achieving success in two-thirds of their self-management behaviors (Peyrot et al., 2013).
(14.) Peyrot M, Barnett AH, Meneghini LF, Schumm-Draeger PM.
Most research on diabetes has found that a significant proportion of patients fail to engage in adequate self-management (Peyrot et al., 2005; Thoolen, et al., 2006).
With this in mind, we did note interesting gender differences that may support earlier research conducted by authors such as Rubin and Peyrot, [1] who reported that HRQOL is better among diabetic men than among diabetic women.
Although obese youth require a greater proportion of their aerobic capacity to conduct weight-bearing physical activities (Ratel et al., 2006; Peyrot et al., 2009), and will be particularly affected by the directional changes due to their increased body mass, such equations are lacking for this population.
These self-care behaviours may involve daily treatment, dietary restrictions and monitoring, regular exercise, frequent blood glucose monitoring and recording, insulin injections, regularity in eating and sleeping to match the peaks and action of the injected insulin, and having a source of sugar readily available for episodes of hypoglycemia (Abrahim and Larsson-Mauleon, 2010; Peyrot et al., 2005).