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Peyronie's disease is associated with an increase in transforming growth factor-beta protein expression.
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In February 2012, Auxilium entered into a collaboration agreement with Actelion for the long-term development and commercialization of XIAFLEX for the treatment of Dupuytren's contracture and Peyronie's disease in Canada, Australia, Brazil and Mexico upon receipt of the respective regulatory approvals.
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today announced data from two Phase II trials shows that the company's injectable enzyme appeared to be effective and generally well tolerated in treating patients with Peyronie's Disease.
Your teammate "Hook" probably had a bent penis because of Peyronie's Disease which usually makes intercourse uncomfortable for the woman.
And unusual characteristics of the penis itself could suggest the source of the problem--for example, a penis that bends or curves when erect could be the result of Peyronie's disease.
Or they may be released in painful situations such as genital pain from infection of the prostate, epididymitis, and Peyronie's disease, or non-genital pain such as headache (Goldstein, 2000).
Surgical correction of Peyronie's disease and penile implant surgery are reported to have a high success rate.