Johann K., Swiss anatomist, 1653-1712. See: Peyer glands, aggregated lymphoid nodules of the small intestine.
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Matt Hamilton was promoted to Managing Director; Johannes Grefe, Colin Mistele, Mark Nordstrom, Steffan Peyer and Ross Stern were promoted to Principal; Ian Rothkopf was promoted to Vice President; and Harry Fackelmayer and Bobby Humen were promoted to Senior Associate.
Von Matthias Peyer, Luggwegstrasse 65, 8048 Zrich, Schweiz
With regard to the investment, James Peyer, managing partner of Apollo Ventures, has joined the company's board of directors.
We observed staining for CD155 in FFPE human tonsil sections with D3G7H, both by IHC (Figure 1, E and H) and by immunofluorescence (Figure 1, F and I), in a pattern matching a prior immunofluorescence study with D171 in fresh-frozen sections from rhesus macaque Peyer patches.
Caracterizacion histologica y dinamica linfoide de las placas de Peyer en crias de alpaca durante los 45 primeros dias de vida.
Os componentes do sistema imunologico das aves sao: a Bursa de Fabricius, infiltrados linfoides difusos na mucosa dos intestinos, tonsilas cecais, diverticulo de Meckel e placas de Peyer (Christensen et al.
The gut-associated immune system is distributed between its primary mucosal/epithelial sites, and its secondary sites, including the Peyer patches and mesenteric lymph nodes, with dietary antigens [3] and the microbiome antigens [4] being the primary interlocutors.
Ingo, Anja Buerke, Manfred Kirchgeorg, Mathias Peyer, Barbara Seegebarth, and Klaus-Peter Wiedmann.
However, some findings were determined at generic or specific level: the placodont Paraplacodus Peyer 1931a (Pinna, 1990); the nothosauroid Simosaurus Meyer 1842 (Miguel Chaves et al, 2015); and the nothosaurs Lariosaurus balsami Curioni 1847 (Sanz, 1976), "Ceresiosaurus" sp.
Peyer and Vermaelen (2009) found significant long-run abnormal returns in the 48 months following buyback announcements, indicating that managers were honest in their claim that shares were undervalued.
En el intestino delgado se observo, ademas, marcada necrosis/apoptosis linfocitaria en las placas de Peyer (Figura 4), siendo tambien evidente en la pulpa blanca del bazo, foliculos linfoides del linfonodulo mesenterico y, en menor medida, en el tejido linfoide asociado a los bronquios (BALT) intrapulmonares.