Johann K., Swiss anatomist, 1653-1712. See: Peyer glands, aggregated lymphoid nodules of the small intestine.
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Between the two above-mentioned pieces come a disturbingly sultry PrAlude a FApres-midi d'un Faune, a well-built but slightly leaden La Mer, a brilliantly successful Nocturnes, with the ladies of the John Alldis Choir seductively fulsome SirAnes, a lovely PremiAre rhapsodie for clarinet (the admirable Gervase de Peyer the soloist), evocative Danse sacrAe et Danse profane, and a vivid Images, their clarity of texture summing-up Boulez' cool, analytical approach which allows Debussy's emotions to make full effect.***
To my knowledge, Peyer and Vermaelen [94] is the only paper that measures simultaneously the consequences of four repurchase methods: 303 fixed price tender offers, 251 Dutch auction tender offers, 737 private repurchases and 6.470 open market repurchases announced between 1984 and 2001.
It is proposed that hypertrophied Peyer's patches, possibly resulting from viral infection, act as a mechanical lead point for intussusception.
Peyer. The Tutor'd Mind: Indian Missionary-Writers in Antebellum America.
Structural cementum has lacunae and may fill reentrants of teeth, whereas coating cementum is amorphous and may cover exterior surfaces on top of enamel (Peyer, 1968; Dalquest et al., 1989).
It is observed that same etiological agent which causes swelling of the lymphoid tissue of Peyer's patches can act as etiological factor for mesenteric adenitis induced intussusception in children.
Under the terms of the investment agreement, James Peyer, managing partner of Apollo Ventures, has been elected to Aeonian's board of directors.
The mucosa was composed of several lymphocytes and lymphoid nodule (Peyer's patches), while the tunica muscularis consisted of several smooth muscle bundles (Fig.
* Stimulation and immune tutoring via the Peyer's Patches in the upper GI.
Special attention was taken to the Peyer' patches, aggregates of lymphatic follicles of the MALT system prevalently present in the ileum mucosa.