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Auguste, French physician, 1869-1939. See: Bachman-Pettit test.
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I went and sat on the gate -- the gate in the meadow they call Pettit's Piece.
Gary Pettit, from receivers Marshman Price, said the offers, by businessmen Graham Ingram and Rob McNaughton, would be put to creditors on November 11.
Drawing on medical literature, newspaper accounts and letters, diaries, memoirs, and oral histories, Pettit (U.
Ron Pettit; KIDDIE CRUISE; Xlibris (Fiction) $29.69 ISBN: 1425730108
Pettit, an independent author and poet, has written this historical account of the Cowdens, a family who were influential ranchers in both Texas and New Mexico over the last 150 years.
A gifted word smith in total control of his language, William Pettit's verse compiled into "Ghost Songs" evoke images and emotions associated with landscape, joy, grieving, and intimacy.
Jennifer Brooke Pettit of Kingwood, Texas, and Daniel Webster Pepper III of Midland, Texas, were united in marriage in a candlelight ceremony at six o'clock in the evening Saturday, July 26, 2008, at Kosciusko First Baptist Church.
This picture was taken in the Village of Arcade by our grandson Eric Pettit. We have seen the large doe for the past three or four years.
PETTIT, Philip, Examen a Zapatero, Temas de Hoy, Madrid, 2008.
Bomb disposal expert Nicholas Pettit braved enemy fire before clearing a path to a bombed Land-Rover in Iraq in 2003.
Pettit Marine Paint's innovative antifouling paint, Vivid Free, is now available nationwide in all of its 24 vibrant colors.
Boston University law professor MARK PETTIT, who says he developed his distinctive classroom technique in a desperate attempt to make his contracts class interesting.