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Auguste, French physician, 1869-1939. See: Bachman-Pettit test.
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ONE of Liverpool's most talented sportsmen and captains of industry Sir Daniel Pettit has died aged 95.
Philip Pettit has argued that all semantically basic terms are learned in response to ostended examples and all non-basic terms are defined via them.
She, along with Emily Pettit and Guy Pettit, publish and
Gary Pettit, from receivers Marshman Price, said the offers, by businessmen Graham Ingram and Rob McNaughton, would be put to creditors on November 11.
Drawing on medical literature, newspaper accounts and letters, diaries, memoirs, and oral histories, Pettit (U.
Pettit, an independent author and poet, has written this historical account of the Cowdens, a family who were influential ranchers in both Texas and New Mexico over the last 150 years.
Jennifer Brooke Pettit of Kingwood, Texas, and Daniel Webster Pepper III of Midland, Texas, were united in marriage in a candlelight ceremony at six o'clock in the evening Saturday, July 26, 2008, at Kosciusko First Baptist Church.
Speaking in London, Interfax Europe Ltd's director Henry Pettit said of the move: "Bloomberg users have used Interfax as their prime source of news from Russia, China and Central Europe in increasing numbers over the last 3 or 4 years, and when we open it up for free each year for 2 weeks we find usage jumps by 1000%-2000%.
Bomb disposal expert Nicholas Pettit braved enemy fire before clearing a path to a bombed Land-Rover in Iraq in 2003.
Pettit Marine Paint's innovative antifouling paint, Vivid Free, is now available nationwide in all of its 24 vibrant colors.
It shows consumers what our world-class growers are able to supply through the year," said NFU horticulture board vice-chairman Sarah Pettit, who is involved in the project.
Author Justin Pettit, a partner at Booz Allen Hamilton with a long background in corporate financial advisory work, has fashioned a longish and complex book, albeit with a carefully thought-out structure, that begs for careful reading.