H.H. German neuropathologist, 1887-1964. See: Pette-Döring disease.
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After my friend Pette Santos Jorolan described the paksiw na bangus that she serves in her restaurant, Everybody's Cafe, I knew I just had to have a taste of it.
According to Pette, the bangus they use comes from either Dagupan or Bataan., PS42 WOOL BLANKET Checked wool pet blanket, Not on the High Street,, PS24 CHESTERFIELD-STYLE BED Lords and Labradors Burghley Square, Chelsea Dogs,, PS456 WOODEN BOWL Acacia raised designer wooden dog bowl, Pette Coats,, from PS43.95 FLORAL DOG BED House paws floral donut bed, Pette Coats,, PS42.95 niCkel DOUBLE DOG BOWL Double oak personalised dog bowl, The Stylish Dog Company,, PS165 NICKEL BOWL High rise nickel designer dog bowls, Pette Coats,, from PS43.95 WICKER BED Wicker dog bed and pillow, Willow and Daisy,, PS70 WOOL BLANKET Luxury natural Yorkshire check wool dog blanket, Chelsea Dogs,, PS60
Mr John Pette, aged 42, bought the Fairlawns Hotel for pounds 305,000 from the national Swallow Group in 1984.
Mr Pette, who gave up his job as a hotel manager for Swallow to take on the run-down three-star establishment, now estimates it to be worth around pounds 3.5million.