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Acronym for cumulative sum of a series of measurements; British usage primarily.


cumulative sum; sum of the data so far, updated as each item is collected.
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Hotel "Leopold I"- Spread throughout the building that composes the Hotel Leopold I at the top of the 17th century magnificent Petrovaradin Fortress, the words Style.
Exit offers spectacular entertainment in fabulous |settings such as the Petrovaradin Fortress, inset
The city also had its own massive fortress overlooking the Danube - the Petrovaradin fortress which dates back to the Habsburg era.
Based in the Petrovaradin Fortress overlooking the town of Novi Sad, this four-day musical Goliath has been around since 2000 but has quickly acquired a great reputation.
In November 2004, graffiti, including swastikas, were spray painted on a Catholic church in Petrovaradin, and windows were broken on the home of a Christ Spiritual Church priest in Aradac.
This investment is worth few million euros, and we hope to have bigger production here than in Italy, where between 50 and 70 machines are produced annually", Djordje Miodragovic, director of the project partner - the 3Latox company from Petrovaradin, said.
Exit Festival's very civilised setting is the 17th century Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad, Serbia's second largest city.
Housed in the ancient and imposing Petrovaradin fortress on the banks of the river Danube and swelling with upwards of 100,000 daily visitors, EXIT has since grown to become a statement of freedom for the people of Serbia as well as one of the hottest clubbing tickets of the summer.
Set within the walls of the Petrovaradin For tress high on the banks of the Danube, with stunning views over the city of Novi Sad, this is the biggest music festival in south-east Europe.
Offering aerial views across the city is the huge Petrovaradin Fortress which goes back to Roman times and is known as the Gibraltar of the Danube.