Petri plate

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Julius, German bacteriologist, 1852-1921.
Petri dish - a small shallow plate used especially in microbiology for the cultivation of microorganisms on solid media. Synonym(s): Petri plate
Petri plate - Synonym(s): Petri dish
Petri test - for proteins.
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The experimentaltreatments were executed in completely randomized design in factorial arrange and repeated four times.The experiments were carried out in petri plates (90 mm x 1.5 mm) and in sand filled pots (150 mm x 90 mm).
Fragments from the border of the lesions were removed, disinfested in 50% alcohol and 0.5% sodium hypochloride, for 30 and 60 seconds, respectively, rinsed in sterile distilled water and transferred to Petri plates containing selective medium for Fusarium, containing Peptone (15 g [L.sup.-1]), potassium phosphate (1.0 g [L.sup.-1]), magnesium sulphate (500 mg [L.sup.-1]), PCNB (1.0 g [L.sup.-1]) and agar (20 g [L.sup.-1]), and were incubated at 25[degrees]C for 10 days.
A volume of 400.0 mL of seawater was added in two Petri plates, (A and B samples).
Leaves containing an egg or larva were placed individually in Petri plates (9cm diameter) with filter paper (Whatman) that was kept slightly humid.
Petri plates containing 1.5 percent malt extract agar were placed in working spaces close to a lumber sawing and handling line, and plate covers were removed for 2 minutes to capture airborne fungi.
I then burrowed a hole in the center of my carrot and placed it on a petri plate. Next, I sliced my carrot into approximately 3cm long segments, and put them in 35 petri plates, 3 per each plate.
indicola) were placed in a petri plate equipped with moisten tissue paper and a small moist ball of cotton.
For treatment sets, 1 ml of the prepared extract was mixed with 9 ml of molten PDA medium in a pre-sterilized Petri plate and the contents were agitated in a circular mode in order to mix the extract homogeneously.
Seeds of cucumber cultivar Bolan-F1 (Goreja Seeds(r)) were sterilized with 70% ethanol and sown in sterilized disposable petri plates. Twenty seeds were placed in each petri plate having filter papers.
It was an uninvited guest in the petri plate, isolated as laboratory contaminant (Table 1).