Petri plate

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Julius, German bacteriologist, 1852-1921.
Petri dish - a small shallow plate used especially in microbiology for the cultivation of microorganisms on solid media. Synonym(s): Petri plate
Petri plate - Synonym(s): Petri dish
Petri test - for proteins.
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5% sodium hypochloride, for 30 and 60 seconds, respectively, rinsed in sterile distilled water and transferred to Petri plates containing selective medium for Fusarium, containing Peptone (15 g [L.
aureus: The raw data of steam autoclave utility glove controls and statistical analysis of used utility glove samples produced a wide variation of contamination levels ranging from under 20 CFUs to over 200 CFUs per Petri plate.
Moreover, when placed on leaves that had been washed, the larvae wandered around the Petri plate, but stopped wandering if given leaves infested with honeydew.
The increase in germination percentage was detected from 21 to 36 h; given the ideal conditions for germination in the Petri plates, most seeds of all treatments eventually germinated, so that differences based on germination percentage disappeared by 72 h (at least 94% germination for all treatments at this time).
Even fungal spores in the dipping tank survived well; the survival rate (CFU/plate in Table 2) detected by the Petri plate method was much lower than the number of spores counted under the microscope (spores/mL in Table 1).
All petri plates were stored in one can in the dark at 20-25 [degrees]C; otherwise, the seeds were treated in the manner described above.
It was an uninvited guest in the petri plate, isolated as laboratory contaminant (Table 1).
2 mL of the suspension of test organism was taken in sterilized glass Petri plates of 100 cm diameter and then the molted and cooled (45[degrees]C) NA medium was poured at the rate of 10 mL per Petri plate and shaked gently.
Then each Petri plate was divided into four equal quarters using a marker pen.