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Julius, German bacteriologist, 1852-1921. See: Petri dish, Petri dish culture.
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Petri Honored with ICT's Raymond Mauk Leadership Award
According to a report from ( Petri , unnamed insiders knowledgeable about the matter said the relationship between Intel and Microsoft is on "shaky ground" as a result of the problems that happened to the Surface products running on Intel's Skylake chips.
Elk Grove Village Trustee James "Jim" Petri bid farewell Tuesday at his final village board meeting after more than 40 years of service.
Prime Minister of the Federation of BiH Fadil Novalic and Head of the IMF Mission for BiH (International Monetary Fund) Martin Petri met at headquarters of the Federation Government in Sarajevo today and discussed the need to form government on all levels as soon as possible.
Petri, MD, professor of medicine and director of the Hopkins Lupus Center at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.
Lufthansa Group has appointed Nadia Sarah Petri as its new general manager sales for Kuwait.
[8] established the airport emergency hierarchical Petri model which settled the definition of issues, ignored the uncertainty of information, and lacked the analysis of the model.
HAP Investments announced that Steven Petri has joined the company as Project Executive.
Colonies of callus were observed in Petri dishes 4-5 weeks after the microspore isolation.
Mutual exclusion behaviors as an important character in discrete event systems are usually used for resource allocation (resource sharing) or marking constraint in Petri nets [7], such as the user request distribution in a single input cluster of computer servers, the raw material distribution of a robot for two production lines, and the database access control for multiple processes.
Scott Petri, who has introduced legislation giving the turnpike commission authority to allow use of its right-of-way for commercial transmission pipelines and charge a fee for it.