Peter Pan

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A regional term for PCP
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Though the planet of untamed islands is as full of pirates, wild beasts and danger as the Neverland ever was, NeverWorld also hides bigger trouble for Peter: his vengeful brother, Michael Pan, and Alistair Adams, an adult out to prove Peter Pan does indeed exist.
A SERIES of events were held at Earlsdon Primary School to celebrate book week, World Book Day and Peter Pan week.
They made donations to join in an attempt to have a record number of children from around the country all reading the same passage from Peter Pan at the same time.
Peter Pans, Tinkerbells and Captain Hooks were all among the guests at the opening night of the Billingham Forum Theatre's summer pantomime, Peter Pan.
A Real insider said: "It's ironic that David will be up against 11 Peter Pans, the timing couldn't be worse.