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A regional term for PCP
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Peter Pan syndrome is an inability to grow up or engage in behavior usually associated with adulthood.
A prominent example of a celebrity with Peter Pan syndrome was Michael Jackson, who said, 'I am Peter Pan in my heart.' Jackson named the 2,700-acre Los Olivos, California property, where he lived from 1988 to 2005, Neverland Ranch after Neverland, the fantasy island on which Peter Pan lives.
In 'The Peter Pan Syndrome, Why Smart People Fail' on Psychology today, writer Marty Nemko presented the most common manifestations of the Peter Pan Syndrome (and certainly related to adulting challenges):
He said: "For us to get Kenfig Hill on the map and beat this current record we need all attendees to come along dressed as Peter Pan, this can include babies right through to adults.
They made donations to join in an attempt to have a record number of children from around the country all reading the same passage from Peter Pan at the same time.
Columbia TriStar pay Atletico to advertise their latest films, such as Peter Pan, on shirts in 4in letters.
Philip Olivier who also is an athletic Peter Pan, has been brilliant in rehearsals.
Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been to see Peter Pan at The Empire, it's been a record breaker with fantastic reviews.
As this incident suggests, details from Barrie's life--together with the lives of his acquaintances and family--can also help fuel dark readings of Peter Pan. As a child, for example, Barrie strove to replace, and in some sense even become, his older brother, who had been killed in a tragic accident.
In more recent days, even Hollywood has not been immune to the Never Land virus: scheduled for a 2003 release are both a live action Peter Pan movie and a J.M.
Casting a male Peter, artists associated with recent productions have noted, creates greater scope for sexual tension, while capitalizing on Peter Pan's implicit message about miscommunication between the sexes.
With punk-style blue hair and a glowering energy that seemed perpetually on the verge of violence, Mays also drew attention to the theme of Peter Pan as threat.