Peter Pan

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A regional term for PCP
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Actress Niki Evans will be joining the cast of Peter Pan at the Liverpool Empire this Christmas
He said:"It was important that Peter Pan was replaced, especially given the significance of Moat Brae.
They are strange, but fabulous pieces and the best parts are always villains so I am delighted." Peter Pan runs from December 13 to January 5.
The Peter Pan 50p features an engraving of David Wyatt's illustration from the Oxford University Press edition of Peter Pan, alongside a well-known and much loved quote from the book.
A spokesperson from the Westminster Collection - a distributor for the Royal Mint - said: "It has been an honour working with this fantastic charity to create the world's first Peter Pan 50ps, and for every coin sold a donation will go directly to GOSH Charity to support the hospital's most urgent needs: fund support services, pioneering research, equipment and refurbishment."
An example of the Peter Pan syndrome is used in Aldous Huxley's 1962 novel Island, in which one of the characters talks about male 'dangerous delinquents' and 'power-loving troublemakers' who are 'Peter Pans.' These types of males were 'boys who can't read, won't learn, don't get on with anyone, and finally turn to the more violent forms of delinquency.' He uses Adolf Hitler as an archetype of this phenomenon (getty images/
Peter Pan, one of the world's most and best-loved musicals, will play at ROHM on Thursday and Friday at 7.30pm, as well as in a special matinee on Saturday at 4pm.
"This production of 'Peter Pan and Wendy' marks the 25th anniversary of Kirk Players children's shows series," said director Jon Matousek.
Adapted from the original by J M Barrie the story is based in Neverland and the dastardly tracking down of Peter Pan, the boy who refuses to grow up, by the rascal Captain Hook.
He said: "For us to get Kenfig Hill on the map and beat this current record we need all attendees to come along dressed as Peter Pan, this can include babies right through to adults.
Summary: Wendy, Michael, John, their darling parents and doggy Nana danced around the house before Peter Pan made an entry and took the kids away.