Peter Pan

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A regional term for PCP
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Nina Boucicault played Peter Pan while Maude Adams took over the role 110 years ago for the 1905 Broadway production.
Peter Pan is an engrossing story of a teenage boy named Peter Pan who does not want to grow old and lives in a fairytale world of fantasy and adventure.
A highly physical comedy packed with finely tuned mayhem and Buster Keaton-inspired slapstick, Peter Pan Goes Wrong promises to deliver a fast-paced show with split-second timing and ambitious daring.
A highly physical comedy packed with finely-tuned mayhem Buster Keaton inspired slapstick, Peter Pan.
The play introduces The Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society, which is trying to stage JM Barrie's classic tale of Peter Pan.
Our Peter Pan this Christmas is no such project - we are Edwardian in design, beautiful settings and traditional swordfights on board the pirate ship.
Featuring the iconic songs “I'm Flying,” “I've Gotta Crow,” “I Won't Grow Up,” and “Never Never Land,” and a rousing book full of magic, warmth, and adventure, Peter Pan is the perfect show for the child in all of us who dreamed of soaring high and never growing up.
The first performance of Peter Pan the Never Ending story will also count with 150 very special guests, students from Al Noor and their parents.
Featuring an international cast of acrobats, dancers, stuntmen and magicians, Peter Pan, The Never Ending Story should be a magical experience that moves live entertainment into a new dimension.
From its beginnings as a part of the storytelling in the novel The Little White Bird (1902)--later published as Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens--and the adventures with the vacationing Llewellyn Davies family recounted in The Boy Castaways (1901) through its long stage history and the novelization of 1911 to the final published play of 1928, Barrie emphasized the communal nature of the story's authorship, even going so far as to deny memory of having authored it in his introduction to the published version.
CHRISTMAS came early to Llandudno yesterday, when the stars of panto Peter Pan lined up.
WE are calling on teachers across the North-east of England to sprinkle a little fairy dust and get their pupils involved in Peter Pan Week, Monday to Friday, February 27 to March 2, to raise vital funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity.