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Sir Peter, English physics professor, 1933–, joint winner of 2003 Nobel Prize for work related to magnetic resonance imaging.
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Sir Peter Mansfield was born in Lambeth, London in 1933 to a poor, working class family.
We have a strong heritage of groundbreaking work in MRI at the Sir Peter Mansfield Magnetic Resonance Centre and the work was carried out using our 7T scanner which is the strongest magnetic field system for scanning human subjects in the UK."
He presented the lifetime achievement award to Sir Peter Mansfield, who developed the magnetic resonance imaging scanner despite leaving school at 15 with no qualifications.
Phil Courtney, Diane Benussi, Lord Timothy Bell; Ian Plumley, Sally Earl, Marc Reeves, Bev Weston, Derek Inman; Peter Mansfield, Mary Daunt, Jayne Willetts, Dawn Pardoe; Phil Courtney, Melissa Dickinson, Richard Edwards, Neil Rami
"Over the past ten years, you could say that Cornwall has come of age in its recognition of the economic importance of the landscape and that the principle is sustainable," says Peter Mansfield, chair of the AONB.
Abitibi operations manager Peter Mansfield said: "We're delighted this initiative provides such a direct reward to those like Kathryn who have adopted the recycling habitwith such enthusiasm.
The letter is also signed by Sir Peter Mansfield, of Nottingham University, who shared the 2003 Nobel Prize for Medicine for his contribution to developing magnetic resonance imaging.
Lauterbur, Ph.D., and Sir Peter Mansfield, Ph.D., for their discoveries leading to the development of and clinical application of magnetic resonance imaging.
Un escandalo inusitado ha causado estupor en la comunidad cientifica estadunidense y de todo el mundo: Raymond Damadian, inventor del Sistema de Inspeccion Interna por Resonancia Magnetica, esta furioso e indignado porque, asegura, los "ganadores" del mas reciente Premio Nobel de Medicina, Paul Lauterbur y Peter Mansfield, simplemente le "copiaron" su invento.
Dr Peter Mansfield, a Lincolnshire GP who offers patients single jabs, said Dr Murch was wrong to say there was no research doubting the safety of MMR.
Also from Penguin we have John Nichol and Tony Rennell's The Last Escape: The Untold Story of Allied Prisoners of War in Germany 1944-45 ([pounds sterling]7.99), which is the first, and very moving, account of the miseries of Allied p-o-w's caught up in Nazi Germany's collapse, and a new edition of Peter Mansfield's A History of the Middle East ([pounds sterling]10.99), revised and updated by Nicolas Pelham who has written two new chapters to survey events from the end of the 1991 Gulf War.
Professor Sir Peter Mansfield won the award for inventing MRI, a complex tool for diagnosis which has helped save countless lives.