Petasites hybridus

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Petasites hybridus,

n See butterbur.
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For this reason, we prefer to refer these communities to a Petasites hybridus basal phytocoenon (sensu Poldini & Sburlino, 2005).
Keywords: Petasites hybridus root extract; Migraine prophylaxis; Complementary and alternative medicine
Since then, research has shed further light into the mechanism, safety and clinical effects of Petasites hybridus root and leaf preparations.
All trials were carried out with the proprietary extract--Petadolex[R]--from the underground parts of Petasites hybridus (solvent supercritical carbon dioxide) standardised to contain a minimum of 15% petasins and practically free of toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids (content below 0.
Petasites hybridus extracts in vitro inhibit COX-2 and PG[E.
Identification and characterization of inhibitors of peptido-leukotriene synthesis from Petasites hybridus.
Two of these focus on the mode of action, pharmacology, and efficacy of the Petasites hybridus extracts.
Petasites hybridus is a traditionally used medicinal herb, which exists in two chemo-varieties.
Simon HU (2001a) Role of petasin in the potential anti-inflammatory activity of a plant extract of petasites hybridus.
Thomet OAR, Schapowal A, Heinisch IVWM, Wiesmann UN, Simon HU (2002a) Anti-inflammatory activity of an extract of Petasites hybridus in allergic rhinitis.
Other lectures include the mode of action and pharmacology of a Petasites hybridus extract and the therapy of disorders in menopause with Cimicifuga racemosa.