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per·son·al train·er

(pĕr'sŏn-ăl trā'nĕr)
A person who is certified in developing fitness programs for all people without regard to age or level of performance.
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Critique: Comprehensive, 'real world practical', thoroughly 'user friendly' in organization and presentation, "The Business of Personal Training" by Mark A.
He has more than 13 years of experience in the health and fitness industry and in 2008 launched Believe to Achieve Personal Training.
In addition to the company's personal training and group class offerings, Inward Fitness partners with a handful of local companies, including Prologis, ViaSat, Einstein Noah Restaurant Group and Oakwood Homes, to offer innovative corporate wellness services as a way to battle rising healthcare costs and increase employee morale.
"I wanted a six-week body bootcamp to be able to offer all the benefits of personal training in terms of exercise, diet and healthy eating plans but at a fraction of the typical cost.
Finally, residents in Washington will receive a 30-day membership to Gold's Gym and/or personal training.
SHAPING UP: Nick Watts from Blythe Liggins with Gina Dover and Rob Coster at Life Personal Training gym in Leamington
HOW TO BOOK Call 0141 221 2332 and quote DAILY RECORD PT OFFER to book two personal training sessions for pounds 35 - the normal cost of one session.
Expert celebrity fitness and circuit training instructor Jackie Warner's workouts command up to $400 an hour in person; now her fitness guidance is available on DVD to all in "Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training".
Chez Toi, a home-service spa, and Core Direction, a health and fitness concept that provides home-service personal training, have teamed up to provide tempting offers that promise to get us in shape, in style.
John Peragine Jr.'s HOW TO OPEN & OPERATE A FINANCIALLY SUCCESSFUL PERSONAL TRAINING BUSINESS (9781601381170, $39.95) comes with a companion cd-rom and tells how to operate such a business from home, a private studio, clients' gyms or corporate fitness centers.
Foundations of professional personal training. (CD-ROM included)

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