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Emil, physician in Hapsburg Empire, 1845-1913. See: Pins sign, Pins syndrome.


persons in need of supervision.
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He was contacted by someone claiming to be a police officer who asked him for his personal identification number (Pin).
* Select a personal identification number online when changing a bank account number, and begin making payments from that account immediately, if electing to bypass bank verification of bank account information.
Instead of writing your name on a paper receipt, you will tap a four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) into a keypad.
The Department encouraged students to file the FAFSA online, and offered a personal identification number (PIN) that could be used to sign the document electronically.
The most notable is the difficulty a CPA firm faces in executing the self-selected personal identification number (PIN) to make electronic filing truly "paperless." The process by which e-filers select their PIN is designed for high-volume national, regional and local income-tax-preparation firms where the taxpayer sits in front of the preparer as he or she inputs the return.
When individuals use a debit card to complete point-of-sale transactions with a merchant, they authenticate their identity by entering a personal identification number (PIN) into the keypad terminal, also known as a payment terminal or automatic teller machine (ATM) device.
The customer then enters a four-digit personal identification number (PIN) to be able to access the Internet securely.
They have developed Gpin - global personal identification number. Once Internet users register with Gpin they are given an alphanumeric code which holds their contact details on a secure database.
Commonly debit cards--such as those used at an automated teller machine (ATM)--can be used only if the consumer provides a personal identification number (PIN).
Created with first-time buyers in mind, the AH-131 8.3ounce phone offers 105 minutes of talk time, a built-in rapid charger, automatic personal identification number operation, 11-character alphanumeric name tags and optional hands-free headset.
The person says who [he or she is], and then the system decides if that's true: Bank cash machines do this, asking for a personal identification number before doling out dollars.
The new card, equipped with the Interac Flash feature, allows clients to make purchases of USD 100 or less at a merchant without having to enter their personal identification number (PIN).

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