personal health record

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per·son·al health re·cord

(PHR) (pĕrsŏn-ăl helth rekŏrd)
A health record that provides a summary of medical information, maintained in electronic or other format by an individual, that can be shared with anyone of the patient's choosing.

personal health record

A summary of a patient's health care status (allergies, drugs taken, past hospitalizations, lab tests, radiology results, and surgeries) that is kept by the patient privately rather than stored in a hospital or third-party database.
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To download the free Personal Health Record or learn more about Smooth-Transition Care, visit www.
The US Personal Health Records Market 2010 to 2015 report provides a detailed analysis and overview of the personal health records market, segmented by product type, technical approaches whilst focusing on the key market trends affecting companies operating in this sector.
Personal health records are being adopted more quickly than expected, according to a recent nationwide survey by the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF), which also said 40 percent of Americans who do not have a PHR express interest in using one.
Because MMR is already designed with pets in mind, combining a line of Natural Products for Pets and a Pet Personal Health Record represents a unique opportunity for both NPP and MMR.
The name myMediConnect reflects the central role of the personal health record and consumer health portal in our core vision of improving the quality and cost of healthcare for individuals and organizations," said Amy Rees Anderson, CEO of MediConnect Global.
ICW has done exemplary work in designing and developing the LifeSensor personal health record platform.
Personal health records will initially be available in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese.
Improved online access to health information to encourage adoption of personal health records.
This announcement follows that of another Dossia Founder, Vanguard Health Systems, which rolled-out the Dossia Personal Health Record to a select group of employees last month.
campaign to heighten awareness and educate healthcare consumers on the importance of improving the management of their health information by developing personal health records (PHR).
Just months after introducing the 911 Medical ID[TM] USB portable personal health record (PHR) wallet card, its maker, MEMI Tech, is launching another revolutionary product.
PassportMD Offers Safe, Secure & Free Personal Health Record (PHR) Solution

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