personal health record

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per·son·al health re·cord

(PHR) (pĕrsŏn-ăl helth rekŏrd)
A health record that provides a summary of medical information, maintained in electronic or other format by an individual, that can be shared with anyone of the patient's choosing.

personal health record

A summary of a patient's health care status (allergies, drugs taken, past hospitalizations, lab tests, radiology results, and surgeries) that is kept by the patient privately rather than stored in a hospital or third-party database.
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This is an example of where we would like to see the networked personal health record go," he said.
This technology encourages people to update their personal health records as well as print them, so they can take their records with them and discuss their health and treatments with their doctors.
Personal health records have usually been web-based with applications either provided by insurers or third-party vendors such as Google Health or Microsoft (HealthVault) which are all free or subscription-based applications such as MedicAlert
SALT LAKE CITY -- In response to the recent announcement that Google will be retiring its Google Health service, MediConnect Global today announced that its personal health record (PHR) portal, MyMediConnect, continues to grow and offers free online accounts to displaced Google Health users.
myMediConnect is a personal health record (PHR) portal offering a patient-controlled compilation of medical records--such as prescriptions, healthcare provider and hospital visits, conditions, diagnoses, procedures, test results and medical notes--that is saved and updated online.
today announced its popular consumer web-based personal health record (PHR) system is now compatible with a wide array of mobile devices including the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and most Google Android and HP/Palm WebOS smartphones.
SALT LAKE CITY -- MediConnect Global today announced that it has changed the name of its personal health record (PHR) and consumer health portal, PassportMD (www.
NEW YORK -- Chartis today announced that it will offer electronic personal health records to clients worldwide through a strategic alliance with MMR Information Systems ("MMR").
Dossia, a leading Personal Health Record Platform provider, today announced that two additional members of the Dossia Consortium are offering the Dossia Personal Health Record (PHR) Platform to their employees.
Just months after introducing the 911 Medical ID[TM] USB portable personal health record (PHR) wallet card, its maker, MEMI Tech, is launching another revolutionary product.
Dossia, a leading Personal Health Record Platform provider, today announced that Vanguard Health Systems, a leading healthcare provider that joined the Dossia Founders Group in June 2009, is the second Dossia Founder to implement and offer the Dossia Personal Health Record to its employees.
Florida's Agency for Health Care Administration (Agency) has previewed the first phase of Florida's free, Internet-based personal health record, My Florida Health eBook and My Florida eBaby Book.

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