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The personal habits, such as smoking status and alcohol consumption, have been extensively studied in relation to the PD-risk.
MANAMA: Islamic mortgage finance provider Sakana Holistic Housing Solutions held a one-day training session for its employees on organisational effectiveness through personal habits.
30pm) WHILE nobody likes admitting they walk like an Egyptian, we all take delight in poking fun at other people's personal habits and obsessions.
com, one of several Web sites that match roommates based on personal habits and interests.
This book may engage well-to-do Christians who have not thought deeply about the ways their personal habits are implicated in the oppression of others.
Despite the fury, two works by O Searcaigh will be included because the Department and the NCCA did not want to create "an unwelcome precedent" of removing work from the curriculum because of the author's personal habits.
Cancer nutrition, therapeutic supplementation, environmental awareness, personal habits, emotional and spiritual consciousness, and appropriate conventional therapies are all integral components of a successful healing program.
He points out commonalities that are religiously based and how the men put family first, and details their background, character traits, personal habits, how they follow Mormon conventions such as tithing and not working on Sundays, and business practices.
Cracking knuckles - weird personal habits like cracking knuckles and tapping feet infuriate around one in 10 (9%) of Brits 10.
A big part of the outreach group's work with the homeless is teaching them to overcome destructive personal habits in order to allow them to live peacefully in the community.
Many people do things in their bedrooms or have personal habits which others find repugnant.
Some specific topics examined are boundary extract and reduction of mass data in reverse engineering, semantics-based complex event processing for RFID data streams, a novel document analysis method using compressibility vectors, and a method of using personal habits for path prediction in network games.

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