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personal computer (PC)

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Computerization also cannot account for any other part of the general rise in inequality that begins in 1970--more than a decade before personal computers reached American desktops.
Microsoft's next version of its operating system, Windows 98, promises to completely integrate Explorer into the operating system, forcing Netscape Communication's Navigator off the desktop of millions of personal computers.
Computer-based patient records with structured data entry using voice recognition; expert systems for predicting treatment outcomes of patients; telemedicine sessions between clinicians from their workstations; home treatment counseling of patients and health plan members with interactive, multimedia, Web-based programs maintained on your practices' Web servers; continuous monitoring of patients' vital signs, blood oxygen saturation, electrolytes, and serum glucose, and a myriad other physiological parameters over dedicated telephone lines via the Web; automated interpretations of EKGs, EEGs, pap smears, and radiology studies by personal computers.
Elfrink, 42, will be responsible for all operational aspects of the Personal Computer Business Unit in Europe, effective September 1, 1994.
But the concept of the network computer, promoted as a low-cost alternative to the personal computer, is already stirring waves of interest in corporate America.
Lenovo personal computers will be featured courtside at the Official Scorer's Table and will record more than 250,000 points, 130,000 rebounds and more than 50,000 assists each season.
The year-end tallies, reported Monday by Dataquest, a computer market-research firm in San Jose, showed that worldwide, personal computer sales grew nearly 25 percent, to 59.
Designers of personal computers and motherboards will be the primary customers for Corsair's products.
Highlights of this sleek new drive are that it holds a vast amount of personal computer data; it easily connects to a personal computer via a USB connection and comes in an attractive steel grey, oval aluminum enclosure.
The personal computer category also experienced significant gains in perceived quality, primarily due to improved service levels.
Another report, released in October 1993 by Ingram Laboratories, a leading independent tester of personal computers, noted that many of the newest Macintosh computers outperformed comparably priced DOS systems running Windows 3.
5mm mini-jack connects any product with a stereo signal output, including portable MP3 players, portable CD players, personal computers or home electronics products such as a cassette deck or CD changer, to a home audio system.

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