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per·son·al train·er

(pĕr'sŏn-ăl trā'nĕr)
A person who is certified in developing fitness programs for all people without regard to age or level of performance.
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The cross-training group was different from the running group in that they ran more miles per week during personal fitness training. The cross-training group also performed more push-ups and sit-ups on their APFT compared to the other 3 groups.
But the idea comes despite Janet's lack of experience in jewellery - just four years after she launched into the hotel industry despite a career background in personal fitness training and no formal training in interior design.
In addition, the facility offers personal fitness training and counselling.
"All of our players have been handed personal fitness training programmes.
Since retiring in 2002, Steve, now 42, has combined coaching with running his own personal fitness training business in Cardiff.
Mark Anthony, also known as the 'Body Genius', runs a very successful personal fitness training business and Jamal spent the day with him at the exclusive flagship club in Notting Hill, London.
Pocaro, 50, of Hughesville, Md., is a life-long gym rat who recently obtained his American Council on Exercise certification following completion of Fundamentals of Personal Fitness Training through the College of Southern Maryland.
MUSCAT Eoe1/4" KhimjiEoe1/4aos Training Institute (KTI) has entered into a successful educational partnership deal with Premier Training International (PTIEoe1/4"UK) to deliver courses in Gym Instructor and Certified Personal Fitness Training. This initiative was primarily brought about to empower Omani youth who are interested in professional fitness training and education.
The modules leading to these qualifications will be the NASM Introduction to Personal Fitness Training and NASM Certified Personal Trainer respectively.
Hughes' mission at Fitness Together is "to provide [clients] with high-quality, one-on-one, private, personal fitness training."
The full-service fitness center offers: an indoor lap pool, saunas, whirlpools, steam rooms, an indoor running track, massage therapy, aerobic classes, cardiovascular training, personal fitness training, nutritional guidance, and babysitting services.
His ventures included a car wash, a share in a cafe and the establishment of the Eric Nixon Health and Fitness Centre where he offers clients personal fitness training. The studio is located directly opposite Prenton Park in Prenton Road West.

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