Persian Gulf

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Persian Gulf,

location of war where the syndrome was first experienced.
Persian Gulf syndrome - various symptoms experienced by veterans of the Persian Gulf War.
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In a relevant development in November 2014, Iran's permanent mission to the Vienna-based UN and other international bodies protested at the International Atomic Energy Agency over the UAE's use a fake name instead of the Persian Gulf in its texts, and called on the IAEA to correct the mistakes.
He said other countries in the Persian Gulf join Iran in objecting to the presence of these foreign forces.
Nine men and one woman arrived in Iran's territorial waters in the Persian Gulf illegally when they were captured by the IRGC Navy.
His comments followed earlier remarks by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei who stressed Iran's presence in the Persian Gulf.
The Persian Gulf supersonic ballistic missile is the most advanced and most important missile of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy.
In 1840, the London-based Times Journal, responding to Iranian objections that England was meddling into Iranian affairs in the Persian Gulf, renamed that body of water the "Britain Sea.
The War in Iraq, beginning in March 2003, paralleled the first Persian Gulf War concerning quick success and relatively few American casualties.
And they keep an eye on the Iranian threat to the Strait of Hormuz--the narrow passageway connecting the Persian Gulf with the Indian Ocean and the world at large.
air parts would be put on the vessel, which would then stand off into the Persian Gulf.
A mysterious and controversial illness said to afflict many veterans of the 1991 Persian Gulf War may often stem from mood and anxiety disorders rather than wartime exposure to infectious agents or toxins, a new study finds.
The author examines the rise of three such "powers": Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East, particularly their role in the Persian Gulf between 1988-91.
A Persian Gulf vet said to be suffering the effects of the mysterious Gulf War Syndrome (GWS) was profiled, and the story by reporter Dick Foster contained a startling figure: "Cancers have developed in Gulf veterans at three to six times the rate among the general population.