persecution complex

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per·se·cu·tion com·plex

a feeling that others have evil designs against one's well-being.
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On the other hand, it inculcated in him hubris, megalomania and arrogance, which resulted in paranoia, persecution mania and a compulsion to humiliate others especially those who were well-born when he was in power.
United, then, for all their persecution mania, are treated as a special case by the FA.
As you know, I have had my full share of persecution mania and this has dealt it quite a blow.
The morbidly sensitive and pretentious clerk Golyadkin, already clinically deranged by the social pressures of his office and by unrequited love, suffers a growing persecution mania, which leads him to encounter another man looking exactly like him who is the leader of a conspiracy against him.
On its simplest level, the narrative traces the ostensibly laudable efforts of fiftysomething Anna Adrianovna to sustain, morally and economically, her dys-functional family: her mother Sima is an incontinent schizophrenic with a persecution mania, whom Anna Adrianovna has committed to a psychiatric hospital; her son Andrei is an alcoholic ex-convict and failed suicide who brings two women to his mother's room, where he proves his manhood--while she eavesdrops outside the locked door; her daughter Alyona, who abandoned her older child Timochka to her mother's care, now lives separately with the baby fathered by a married older man and expects a third "accidental" child.