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[EC subclass 1.11] Enzymes in animal and plant tissues that catalyze the dehydrogenation (oxidation) of various substances in the presence of hydrogen peroxide, which acts as a hydrogen acceptor, being converted to water in the process.
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Mammalian glutathione peroxidases control acquisition and maintenance of spermatozoa integrity.
Effect of electron-beam irradiation on peroxidase (Pod) activities
Present research work was conducted to evaluate the effects of iron chloride on peroxidase enzyme activity in the fish, Labeo rohita.
Next, we examined which peroxidase dominantly contributes to the onset of allergic airway inflammation using mice deficient in each of the three peroxidases (Mpo, Epx, and Lpo) [10].
Within the confines of the RBC, autoxidation is minimized by the metHb reductase system; however free metHb can undergo a further peroxidase reaction with [O.sub.2.sup.*-] to generate ferrylHb ([Fe.sup.4+]) and the ROS hydrogen peroxide ([H.sub.2][O.sub.2]) that in turn attacks Hb to produce protein radicals, irreversibly damaging the Hb molecule leading to heme degradation and release of free iron [2].
Sequence Comparison between Tg-Hb Subunits and Representative Peroxidases. The amino acid sequence of the three Tg-Hb subunits was aligned with that of HRP and the MPO heavy chain (Figure 6).
Bacteriazation caused significant rise in peroxidase and soluble protein content under chromium (III and VI) stress and unstressed conditions.
O homogenato foi centrifugado a 10.000 x g a 4[degrees]C, por 10 min (Zeraik et al., 2008) e realizada a analise das proteinas soluveis totais (Bradford, 1976) e das seguintes enzimas:, catalase (Berrs & Sizer, 1952), ascarbato peroxidase (Nakano & Asada, 1981), polifenoloxidase (Kar & Mishra, 1976) e peroxidase (Fatibelho Filho & Vieira, 2002).
Activity of ascorbate peroxidase was determined by the method described in Ref.
Peroxidases are widely distributed in plants, microorganisms, and animals where they play important roles.