peroneus tertius

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peroneus tertius

The muscle arising from the anterior portion of the distal one third of the tibia and the adjacent portion of the interosseous membrane and attaching on the dorsal surface of the fifth metatarsal. The peroneus tertius is a secondary contributor to ankle dorsiflexion and eversion. This muscle is absent in a significant proportion of the population.
See also: peroneus

peroneus tertius

small extrinsic foot (forms lateral part of extensor digitorum brevis), within anterior compartment of lower leg
  • origin continuous with lower part of origin of extensor digitorum longus, i.e. distal one-quarter of medial surface of fibula and adjacent interosseous membrane

  • insertion dorsal area of proximal half of fifth metatarsal

  • nerve supply deep peroneal nerve

  • action foot eversion at subtalar joint; ankle joint dorsiflexion; eversion of the foot and dorsiflexion of the ankle

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