A trademark for the drug pergolide mesylate.
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Other resin emulsions that Lubrizol will be highlighting include its Permax 805 polyvinylidene chloride emulsion with enhanced shelf life stability and Carboset CR-795 polymer for improved chemical and corrosion resistance and adhesion in metal coatings.
Pergolide (Permax [R]) was removed from the market due to cardiovascular side effects, and rotigotine transdermal system (Neupro [R]) was removed from the market due to concern of deviation from approved product standards (PDF, 2010c).
They are suing Pfizer Australia, over its drug Cabaser and Aspen Pharmacare, which marketed and distributed the drug Permax in Australia.
Waters also referred to the Pergolide Versus L-dopa Monotherapy and Positron Emission Tomography (PELMOPET) trial in which 148 early Parkinson's disease patients were randomized to pergolide (Permax) and another 146 to levodopa in this 3-year, multicenter, double-blind study (Mov.
(1,8,11) In March 2007, the dopamine agonist, pergolide (Permax) was removed from the market by the FDA given concerns related to heart valve damage.
PERMAX Spray Polyurethane Closed-Cell Foam Insulation by Henry Co.
* Pergolide (Permax), prescribed for symptoms of Parkinson's disease.
The drugs in question in the study--pergolide (Permax [R]) and cabergoline (Dostinex [R])--are categorized as dopamine agonists, a class of drugs that increase production of the brain neurotransmitter dopamine while decreasing production of the pituitary hormone prolactin.
To keep pharmacists abreast of the rapidly changing pharmaceutical marketplace, RelayHealth has used messaging alerts to notify pharmacies about safety concerns for Vioxx, Bextra and Permax. One of its most recent alerts of this kind, concerning Zelnorm, was invoked more than 13,000 times in the first 12 days after the product's marketing was suspended.
Several of Noveon's products are designed to impart flame retardant and breathable barrier properties to nonwoven substrates under the MyFlam and Permax product lines.
The manufacturers of the Parkinson's therapy Permax (pergolide) on March 29 agreed to take the dopamine agonist off the market as soon as possible, according to the Food and Drug Administration, which sought the recall.