Perma-Seal graft

Perma-Seal® graft

Nephrology A dialysis access graft that minimizes blood loss for early graft utilization, negating need for temporary catheters. See Peritoneal dialysis.
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The Perma-Seal Graft is the first and only graft of its type approved for sale in the United States.
stated, "We are very excited about entering into this Agreement with Horizon, and we look forward to their making the pioneering Perma-Seal Graft available to hemodialysis patients as quickly as possible.
Worldwide distribution of the Perma-Seal Graft is being addressed as an element of our strategic options evaluation project with Salomon Smith Barney concerning our entire vascular graft business.
We continue to make progress in discussions with various potential Perma-Seal Graft marketing partners with the objective of having an agreement in place when U.
We believe the Perma-Seal Graft submission will be reviewed by an FDA panel in early calendar 1998.
We continue our efforts to select a distribution channel for the Perma-Seal Graft.
The Perma-Seal Graft is designed to provide kidney dialysis patients a synthetic vascular access option with needle sealing capability, in order to minimize bleeding, shorten dialysis sessions and allow early graft use without the need for temporary catheter utilization.
a direct competitor for sales of the Perma-Seal Graft, and placing IMPRA in control of marketing the Perma-Seal Graft, made it impossible for Possis to keep Bard/IMPRA as its distributor.
Bard is expected to order product and to begin marketing the Perma-Seal Graft outside the U.
Bard is expected to begin marketing the Perma-Seal Graft outside the U.
clinical trial continues with 152 patients enrolled in the study, 73 have received a regular wall Perma-Seal Graft and five have received a thin wall Perma-Seal Graft.
As of mid-May, 123 patients were enrolled in the study, 59 had received the Perma-Seal Graft.