Perma-Flow graft

Perma-Flow® graft

Vascular surgery A synthetic blood vessel used in CABG for Pts lacking adequate donor vessels Pros Alternative to harvested vessels, ↓ operative time and trauma; it is used in beating-heart surgery. See CABG.
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marketing of the Perma-Flow Graft for coronary bypass surgery candidates without suitable blood vessels to use in the procedure.
The Company received Humanitarian Use Device (HUD) designation for the Perma-Flow Graft in August, step one in the two-step HDE process, and expects a final HDE decision in the first half of calendar 1998.
Perma-Flow Graft marketing while we complete our U.
sales of the Perma-Flow Graft to commence much earlier than via the conventional IDE/PMA track the Graft is currently on.
In April, Possis hosted a successful four-day Perma-Flow Graft clinical investigators meeting with the objective of increasing the study patient enrollment rate.
Wolfe stated, "The Perma-Flow Graft provided a successful means to perform a bypass where no other options were available.
and entered into a Perma-Flow Graft distribution agreement with Baxter Healthcare Corporation.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved an Investigational Device Exemption for the Perma-Flow Graft and it currently is the only synthetic coronary artery graft in clinical trials in the United States.
a clinical investigator studying the Perma-Flow Graft under an Investigation Device Exemption (IDE) at the Minneapolis Heart Institute, describes the first human clinical use of Perma-Flow in a 68-year-old female with unstable angina pectoris (chest pain) and inadequate native vessels.
Bard of Perma-Seal Grafts and to Baxter of Perma-Flow Grafts.
We have now implanted a total of 41 Perma-Flow Grafts - 23 in the U.
Eighteen Perma-Flow grafts have been implanted at four U.