Perls Prussian blue stain

Perls Prus·sian blue stain

a stain for ferric iron as in hemosiderins, using potassium ferrocyanide in acetic acid or dilute hydrochloric acid followed by a red counterstain such as safranin O or neutral red; various hemosiderins and most mineral irons give a blue-green reaction, whereas nuclei stain red.


Max, German pathologist, 1843-1881.
Perls Prussian blue stain - for ferric iron.
Perls test - for hemosiderin, utilizing Perls Prussian blue stain.
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Tissues were cut in 3-[micro]m sections and stained with hematoxylin and eosin and Perls Prussian blue stain for ferric iron.
The histologic sections of all 50 cases were reviewed and assessed for stainable iron on Perls Prussian blue stain. A semiquantitative method for assessing iron stains was adapted from Scheuer et al[21] as follows: 1+, staining present in less than 25% of hepatocytes; 2+, staining present in 25% to 75% of the hepatocytes; 3+, staining present in more than 75% of hepatocytes; and 4+, heavy staining present in almost all hepatocytes and also in the biliary duct epithelium.