Perkins, George

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George, English orthopedic surgeon, 1892-1979.
Perkins elevator
Perkins formula
Perkins line
Perkins retractor
Perkins test
Perkins tonometer
Perkins traction
Perkins tractor
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For instance it misinterprets the guidelines on the use of the Perkins tonometer.
Obviously many optometrists use a Perkins tonometer, and we asked specifically that the Perkins tonometer be included in the guidelines.
8) For the purposes of this discussion, the Perkins tonometer will be considered equivalent to GAT.
Compared to GAT, Perkins tonometers have lower magnification and dimmer illumination; both of these factors could considerably reduce the visibility of the inner edge of the mires, thus causing an underestimation of IOP measurements.
Perkins tonometers are essentially hand-held versions of the gold-standard Goldmann applanation devices, but require topical anaesthetic and fluorescein instillation, along with appropriate disposal or sterilisation of probes.
Lots of practices have Perkins tonometers but not Goldmann and to exclude them would reduce the effectiveness of a refinement scheme.