Perkins, George

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George, English orthopedic surgeon, 1892-1979.
Perkins elevator
Perkins formula
Perkins line
Perkins retractor
Perkins test
Perkins tonometer
Perkins traction
Perkins tractor
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These are expected to be engines similar to the overall Perkins line, 7.0 L and smaller.
Gilead, OH, has become the exclusive North American supplier of the APV Baker Perkins line of 19 mm and 24 mm laboratory size compounders and 30 mm through 160 mm production size twin screw compounders with barrel lengths from 15 to 40 L/D in 5 L/D increments.
The APV Baker Perkins line of corotating equipment will be sold here under the HPM/Baker Perkins name.